Hooymans Compost BV

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Hooymans Compost BV has years of experience in the export of compost blocks. These blocks are exported worldwide to our customers. Customers located in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe.

To ensure the quality of the blocks during transport the condition and temperature are closely monitored. In order to let this run smoothly Hooymans Compost uses several ways of transportation.

The blocks are produced by the specialized press which produces blocks ranging between 18.8 and 23.3 kg. A fully automatic machine stacks the blocks then on pallets. The block size is approximately 60 x 40 cm and the height depends on the desired kilograms. To create 1 m2 of cultivation area 4 blocks of compost are needed.DSC_0370

The blocks can be produced with a variety of white and brown mushrooms. Also, these variations can be combined in a load. In addition to the Phase III-compost it is also possible to manufacture and deliver Phase II-compost which can still be mixed with the spawn of choice.

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