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Ready to harvest thanks to expanding the fleet!

Manure trade Kroon B.V. located in Waarland (The Netherlands) recently invested in the expansion of their fleet for the transport of straw. The investment contains a so-called high-volume lorry, which makes it easily possible to transport 25% extra. A very welcome expansion …

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Winter at Hooymans Compost B.V.

Hooymans Compost B.V. is surrounded in winter landscapes like the rest of The Netherlands. Besides the small usual inconveniences (like transportation delays and freezing materials outside) Hooymans doesn’t experience significant problems due to the extreme winter weather. As well as …

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Hooymans Compost BV has a new appearance!

Hooymans Compost BV enters 2012 with a new website. The style which has functioned for many years needed a refreshing look. A new look which matches the current state of Hooymans Compost B.V. as an international player. The style has …

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